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Used Cell Phone trading in US

Recyclable Materials Collection and Trade

Greenrev is a dynamic Singapore based company specializing in Recyclable Materials Collection and Trade in the post consumer value chain. We have built an elaborate global collection program with active presence in all major countries in the world. We focus on used printer cartridges, cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, laptop & clothing business.
Used mobile phones europe

Trade program for Used Products

We specialize in the used products B2B trade market. With loyal collection partners and remanufacturers and recyclers worldwide, we have a significant presence all over the world. Our businessís supply chain management and product analytics is streamlined to address the requirements of our customers.
Trading of Used and empty cartridges

Collection and Trade Services

Greenrev provides excellent services to all business partners. Our Inspection department is constantly updated with latest industry developments and inspection parameters are revised accordingly. Our core policies revolve around building a company with impeccable ethics and strong CRM strategies with emphasis on relationship management.

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