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Trade Program for Used Products

Our Trade B2B Program consists of buyers and suppliers market of the Used Consumer Product lines. We have long term relationship with collectors, remanufacturers, recyclers and brokers worldwide who are active business partners in the Greenrev Trade Program. This has been designed specifically to bridge the supply chain gap between the ?collection of used products? and the ?recycle / refurbish / resell / donate? streams of business.

At Greenrev, we trade in several ?used product lines?. These are predominantly used electronics lines such as used printer cartridges, Surplus Printer Cartridges, used cell phones, used laptops, used GPS devices, used digital cameras and used tablets.

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Why Choose Greenrev as a Trade Partner?

  Greenrev world   We Care for Your Operational Challenges. (Click To Know More)

We Care for Your Business Challenges . (Click To Know More)

We Care for Your Business Risks . (Click To Know More)

We Care for Your Operational Challenges:

It is a known fact that the aftermarket business is predominantly a high risk trade. Collectors and brokers have to face many operational challenges while running their businesses. With growing economic uncertainty, pressures on the ?profit margins? generated by the free market forces increase the operational pressures for any distributor. The challenges faced by leaders today of the aftermarket industry are numerous and complex.

We at Greenrev are fully aware of these challenges and manage our SCM accordingly so that all operational issues are effectively sorted out through extensive pre-planning of the entire SCM cycle. Doing business with us is Easy!

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide with a ?one stop business solution platform? for all buyers and sellers of aftermarket products globally.

We Care for Your Business Challenges:

The primary challenges that cause attrition of profits in the Aftermarket Industry are:

iconNo Price Guarantee:
In an aftermarket business, there is high degree of price fluctuation which inhibits the brokers to be able to plan their collection in the absence of a fixed sales price. Hence, there is no price guarantee for a distributor in the trade.
iconNo Guarantee of
        Rejection Percentage:
With each customer having their own inspection criteria, there still remains a high level of uncertainty on a uniform policy on rejection percentage, leading to disputes and uncertainty of return on investments. An unexpected higher rejection percentage can cause a great deal of attrition of the margins.
iconNo Payment Guarantee:
The industry works on free trading policy with very little transaction happening through official banking channels (Letter of Credit, Factoring services and so on.). The aftermarket business is all about 100% advance credits. Due to lack of constancy, customers have often been seen to default or delay on their payments.
iconNo Sales Guarantee:
There is very little and sometimes even no sales guarantee of your products due to abrupt demand spurts in the market. You may either have to over stock or deal with under availability constantly.

We Care for Your Business Risks:

With experience and expertise of a professionally run business, we considerably reduce 'business risks' for your established and upcoming businesses. We aim at creating a risk controlled environment for our clients, so that they can focus on their core job ? Collection / Recycling / Refurbishing. As we are rapidly widening our global footprint, we are always easy to locate and contact. Trade with us and multiply value for your business in the aftermarket industry, the safe way.

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